Why Site Surveys are Essential for Commercial, Industrial Flooring Projects


Commercial and industrial spaces require specialized flooring that stands up to the facility’s day-to-day traffic. With seemingly endless floor coating options, how do contractors determine the right flooring system for the space? They start with an in-depth site survey.

What is a Site Survey?

Site surveys usually occur before formally moving forward with a project. The contractor will walk the facility, noting the current conditions, including:

  • Details about the existing flooring system, including coating type
  • Problems with the existing flooring, including damage and challenges the end user or facility manager is facing
  • Whether the floor is exposed to chemicals, heat, heavy traffic or other factors that cause wear and tear

Site surveys typically take an hour or two, depending on the size of the space. After gathering information about your facility and your needs, the contractor can recommend a flooring system that’s right for you. They can also better estimate the timeline and cost for the entire project, including removal of existing flooring, surface preparation and installation.

Rushing Causes Expensive Issues

A contractor who rushes through the site survey – or skips it altogether – may make faulty recommendations that can lead to flooring failure soon after installation. Ask your contractor about their site survey process. Some use formal paperwork to ensure thorough evaluation every time.

While the longevity of a flooring system depends largely on the materials used, the quality of installation and the hazards that the floor is exposed to, a site survey sets you up for success from square one. Detail-oriented contractors will catch potential issues early on, ensuring they are addressed properly before your flooring is installed – and that they are included in the project budget.

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