Q&A: CEO Daniel Owen Trusted to Solve the Most Complex Industrial Flooring Challenges

Q&A: CEO Daniel Owen Trusted to Solve the Most Complex Industrial Flooring Challenges

Benjamin Franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and that’s certainly true of concrete flooring systems. Few people in the world know concrete coatings as well as Tenec Coatings CEO Daniel Owen, who has literally been around them his entire life. Daniel has consulted with companies worldwide to solve a variety of flooring system challenges. Here, he shares more about his background, life on the coatings manufacturing side and the breadth of industrial companies he has consulted with throughout his career.

When you say you grew up in the industry, what does that mean?

My parents founded Arizona Polymer Flooring (APF) in 1985, which manufactures high-performance concrete coatings and flooring systems. I started out sweeping the plant floors as a boy, and gradually served in every production, technical and leadership role within the company. I also did some concrete coatings subcontracting on the side and dove deep into coating installation processes, raw materials and chemistry in the process.

Eventually I worked my way up to vice president and spent six years positioning the company as a national concrete coatings industry leader. Following exponential growth, I purchased the business with my wife Leane and became CEO. At the company’s helm, I was regularly called on to speak at industry conferences and contribute articles and expertise to trade publications. I also blogged about the wide variety of issues impacting industrial flooring systems and became recognized as a coatings thought leader.

We sold APF in 2018, but I knew we couldn’t stay away from the industry for long. It’s where my passion and purpose lie. My years on the product manufacturing side instilled a deep knowledge of the many types of coatings available, as well as how they interact within a variety of environments. This knowledge differentiates Tenec from the other coatings contractors out there. We have superior experience with dozens of systems and applications, especially when it comes to the complex environments at industrial facilities.

What is your experience with industrial facilities specifically?

I was frequently asked to consult on industrial and commercial projects around the world—facilities with demanding environments requiring flooring systems that can withstand abrasion, corrosion, electrostatic discharge, extreme weather conditions and UV exposure, fluctuations in temperature, and other factors that contribute to wear and tear.

These companies turned to me to identify problems they hadn’t anticipated—environmental considerations that impact project timelines like dust, humidity, noise, odors and temperature, as well as installation considerations ranging from labor resources, budgetary concerns and time limitations to system selection, concrete moisture issues and poor substrate conditions. I take the full picture into consideration, starting with the client’s end goals, budget, performance requirements, maintenance and environmental conditions.

What kind of companies have turned to you?

Over the years I have worked with companies whose facilities are exposed to a wide variety of hazardous conditions—everything from biomedical facilities and chemical plants to hospitals and healthcare centers. Others have called on me to consult on environments that include specialized equipment that presents complex challenges—aerospace and aviation, computer data centers, food processing, manufacturing and semiconductor fabrication, to name only a few.

I have worked on large and small projects—each has its unique challenges, and I enjoy determining the best way to address them.

What other ways have you contributed to the industry?

I have also conducted on-site trainings for many contractors, helping them learn how to accurately diagnose a project’s specific floor coatings needs, distinguish normal wear and tear from coatings failures, resolve installation-related problems and set reasonable expectations with their client. Now that I’m back on the contracting side, I’m able to apply this experience to leading and training the crews at Tenec to ensure they meet our customers’ high standards.

When should a company contact you?

Design, planning, execution and time are important factors of any project; the earlier I’m involved in the process, the better I’m able to help facilities achieve a successful outcome. In addition to identifying potential problems, I can help companies identify the right coatings and flooring systems to meet their needs, assess environmental factors that contribute to the longevity of a flooring system, explain the type of maintenance required and proactively identify issues that could delay installation.