How to Choose the Right Flooring Removal Contractor


If you’re considering new flooring, it’s important to budget for the removal of your current flooring in addition to installation costs. While many people think ripping it up is an easy task, it actually takes a skilled contractor and specialty equipment to completely remove flooring without damaging the surface beneath it or leaving your property covered in hazardous dust.

When seeking a flooring removal quote in the Phoenix-metro area, you’ll find that the price can vary widely – between about $1 and $3 per square foot or more. Why the large discrepancy? In part, price depends on the type of flooring you need to remove, with tile being the most expensive. It also comes down to expertise, equipment and the supplementary services included in the final cost.

When comparing flooring removal contractors, consider the following:

  • Is the contractor licensed, bonded and insured? If your contractor lacks the right credentials and coverages, you run the risk of footing the bill in the event of failure, such as gouges in the slab or damage to the trim or molding in rooms and hallways. Standard homeowner insurance or landlord liability insurance won’t cover damages to your property if you are working with an unlicensed and uninsured contractor.
  • Does the price include removal of the thinset? Thinset is an adhesive that is typically used to attach tile or stone to cement or concrete. If the contractor doesn’t include thinset removal in the total cost, this may be one of the reasons they are offering a lower price. It’s best to find another contractor who will remove the thinset and the old flooring to properly prepare the concrete for the new flooring installation.
  • Does the contractor have a method of dust control? Flooring removal without proper dust control creates a mess that can carry throughout your home or facility, posing health risks if not addressed. An experienced contractor will have a protocol to manage and reduce dust during the removal process, which may include specialized air filters and other equipment.

As with any service, it’s important to understand what you’re getting at each price point. Be sure to compare quotes for the exact same services. While choosing a contractor based on price alone may seem like a good idea now, you will likely pay for it later. You’ll be in better shape long-term if you evaluate contractors on expertise, equipment and customer testimonials.

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