Why Site Surveys are Essential for Commercial, Industrial Flooring Projects

Commercial and industrial spaces require specialized flooring that stands up to the facility’s day-to-day traffic. With seemingly endless floor coating options, how do contractors determine the right flooring system for the space? They start with an in-depth site survey. What is a Site Survey? Site surveys usually occur before formally moving forward with a project….

How to Choose the Right Flooring Removal Contractor

If you’re considering new flooring, it’s important to budget for the removal of your current flooring in addition to installation costs. While many people think ripping it up is an easy task, it actually takes a skilled contractor and specialty equipment to completely remove flooring without damaging the surface beneath it or leaving your property covered…

From Simple to Stylish, Protect and Enhance Your Garage Floors with Epoxy Coatings

Garages take a beating. Cars, bikes, yard equipment, foot traffic and more wear on your garage’s concrete floor, often leaving ugly, hard-to-remove stains or creating a surface ripe for slips-and-falls. Epoxy coatings remedy those issues, providing a beautiful finish that’s safe, easy to clean and stands up to daily wear and tear. The most common…