Beyond Aesthetics: 5 Benefits of Concrete Polishing


Polished concrete floors are all the rage in commercial and residential spaces, and for good reason. Of course, they create a sleek, modern look that aligns with numerous design tastes and space uses, but polished concrete also has other benefits extending to durability, affordability and more. Check out these additional perks of polished concrete floors.

Low Cost

While polished concrete is priced comparably to other flooring solutions, typically $3.50-$6 per square foot, its lifetime cost is very low. Think about the maintenance required for hardwood, tile and carpet – it’s time consuming and pricey, on top of the cost of installation.

Densified Concrete

The polishing process includes a densifier, which chemically reacts with excess calcium hydroxide in the concrete to make it harder. The densifier makes the floor less porous and less prone to stains, too. This is ideal for restaurants, office spaces and other commercial facilities, and even homes with messy kids or pets.

Minimal Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, polished concrete floors are low maintenance. There’s no need to aggressively scrub, wax or shine your polished concrete floors since they don’t have a protective topcoat. Typically, you’ll just need to dry mop it regularly to remove dust buildup, and wet mop with a pH-neutral cleaner.

No Concrete Dusting

In commercial facilities, unpolished concrete floors can break down into a fine powder, especially near cracks or dents, which is unsanitary and can interfere with daily operations. Polishing reduces dusting significantly, protecting the concrete and minimizing wear and tear to the floor and equipment damage.


If you’re concerned about your environmental impact, polished concrete floors are a great choice. The floor’s sheen reflects light, allowing you to use fewer lights and cutting your electric bill. The polishing process also uses fewer harsh chemicals than other types of flooring, making it ideal for projects seeking LEED certification.

If you’re interested in polished concrete floors because of the aesthetic, these extra benefits are icing on the cake. Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation!